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MARR & KROLL Sp. z o. o.
Ul. Grzybowska 2/52
00-131 Warszawa
Tel: + 48 22 403 35 05
Fax: + 48 22 415 93 92
“I would like to thank Ms. Marzanna Routh for the hard work and for being so forgiving when I was trying to rent an apartment in Warsaw. It was a stressful time, but knowing I could trust you put my mind at ease and got the job done perfectly. I have worked with many professionals in my career and you have one of the highest commitments to customer satisfaction that I have ever experienced.”
– Pan Shimizu
“I was very pleased about Marzanna efficiency and accuracy, and the experience im finding, negotiating and finalizing the deal. I was impressed by the service after, so her company left me a confident feeling.”
– Pan Takahashi
“This is to certify that the Embassy of Malaysia has been using the services of Marr & Kroll, Mrs. Marzanna Routh and is satisfied with the levelof services provided.”
– Pani Haniah
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